5 day Online Workshop with Sudhanshu Jain

 7 step proven framework which helped more than 10000+ students to achieve up to 3X salary hikes and helped some of them to get placed up to 8 companies. 


Who should attend this 5 day workshop?


Salesforce Enthusiast : People have started learning and preparing but not getting satisfactory results.

People having gaps in their career and who knew Salesforce is one of the premium career option

Housewifes who left their IT jobs long time back but who want to enter IT industry using Salesforce ecosystem.

Growth Seekers : People who are stuck in their jobs without any growth for years now.

Job Seekers : People who are searching jobs for a long long time and not getting results.

Why not free, why only 499 INR?

I am charging  499 INR for your commitment and not the content. I personally believe when you pay money , you pay attention, and where attention goes, the energy flows. It's simple.

I want to enrol now without delay

What will I learn actually during these 5 days ?


Good question. Let me walk you through this 5 day workshop.Yes, its a workshop and not an online course. So, there will be assignments ,so if you hate homework, you wont like this workshop.Kidding...

Day 1 : How to generate proofs ? What are the best learning sources ?

Proofs is required to show you ELIGIBILITY. Without a proof no company will give you an interview call.Mostly students are just focusing on doing certifications, there are lot many things which can help you to generate proofs. Most of the good learning sources are absolutely free, you just need to know where you can find these sources and what to do first.

Day 2 : How to build your strong identity for the relevant role ?

Most of the job seekers don't have profile/CV which can attract relevant jobs. We will learn the art of Keyword hacking which will help you to generate 3X job opportunities in no time. In this session you will learn what are the most relevant keywords/phrases/projects/case studies for your profile instead of blindly copying it from others.

Day 3 : How to build a winning network which will help you to generate job opportunities ?

Now a days it's said, YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR NET WORTH. We will learn the art and science of creating a relevant network, tribe, target group to attract relevant job opportunities. Its very important that when you advertise a product, it should reach the right set of buyers. Mostly good professionals, technically proficient, do not focus on creating a relevant network for their personal brand. 

Day 4 : How to build your authority to kill competition ?

Now, this will be a heavy dose for many of you. You know why, some people always have better jobs, better salaries, better opportunities that others, lets fix this for lifetime for you. This one session will help you to understand the power of personal branding in your network. Imagine if your interviewer is your follower, how much impact this can make in your interview.


Let it be secret till day 5. Something which will blow your mind. Its so simple and easy that you could have never even imagined. Some bitter truths, some super hacks, and some insane strategies to boost your growth.

Zoom invite will be shared in 24 hours of registration.

About Sudhanshu Jain

More than 14 years of corporate experience include multi dimensional roles and responsibilities in CMM Level 5 organizations serving multiple fortune 500 clients.Wide experience in delivering complex assignments and mentoring big teams to deliver sales,service and marketing cloud implementations to communication and product giants across the world.Known for his people management skill and was responsible to manage multiple initiatives to motivate and add value to technical and non technical skills of resources.He has taught 10000+ students who are working in some of the finest companies in the world like Amazon, Salesforce, Vodafone, Cisco, VMWare, Capgemini, Accenture, Cognizant, Philips, Tata Consultancy Services to name a few.

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